Woman's Leather Belt, Ladies Leather Belt, Nubuck - Oliver Chocolate

$32.00 USD

Nubuck Chocolate leather belt for ladies. What is nubuck, its light weight velvety feel leather. That will change over time to smooth feel. Made for women in mind, as this leather has light feel and softness. Perfect combination as belt for ladies.
Leather Belt handmade from full grain veg-tan leather with care. Yes we make our items.

 How to measure what belt you need: 

**Opt.1 ->Measure your thickest belt belt from tip of a buckle (include buckle) to comfy hole. Eg. total measurement comfy hole including buckle 36'' Your size is 'L' 

**Opt.2  ->Your jeans size(or your waist line) +5.5cm (2.5") Eg. your jeans size 32''+2.5" you should look for 34.5" Size 'M'

Sizing tips : double check your waist line and jeans size as we tend to squeeze in to things, when picking size try to leave longer belt end rather then shorter.

Sizing approx. 
XS - 28,5''- 34,5'' (73-88 cm)
S - 30,5-36,5" (78-93 cm)
M - 32,5-38,5" (83- 98 cm)
L - 34,5-40.5" (88-103 cm)
XL - 36,5-42,5" (93-108 cm)

Belt Width approx. 1,25'' (3cm)